Meet, Dream and Act

A lot of things ought to be changed in our world. Is there a way how you can participate in the changes we need and at the same time feel good while doing so? Yes. Join “The Imagine Project”.

Prerequisites? None. This doesn’t relate to any philosophy, religion, race, social situation or whatever. It’s stupid simple.

That’s how it works:

    1. Find local people who also want to help changing the world for the better.
    2. Meet regularly: Once a month, once a week, whatever you prefer. Commit to each meeting being a safe haven for each participant – only love and positive, supporting behavior is intended. Still be easy with people who might have a bad day.
    3. While you’re meeting, imagine the world how you want it to be collectively for some time, similar to a group meditation, but with a certain conscious activity going on – think paradise for all earthlings, regardless of how unrealistic your brain deems this to be. There’s no need to talk about it, use your own inner pictures, try to support these with the strong emotion of how it would feel to live in this paradise. If you wish, form a circle for doing this, hold each other by the hands or do this in any other way you feel to be right, feel free to experiment.
    4. While you’re meeting, become familiar with each other, dream together, laugh, eat, cry, discuss ideas, make plans and bring them into action. Start with focussing on yourself: What can you personally do? Even a simple action can have a huge impact if many people do it: changing a bad habit which occurs daily only for one day per week, you already changed it by 14% – think about this, that’s massive!
    5. Speaking of many: Spread the word! Once you started and think that “The Imagine Project” is a good thing, tell other people about it and encourage them to start their own local groups.
    6. For at least two weeks, commit yourself to giving one smile per day to a person you do not know and another one for each smile you might receive. Force yourself in the beginning if you don’t feel like doing it. Watch the reactions. Feel them.